4D Construction Learning Environment

The 4D Construction Learning Environment project began work in February 2014 with completion planned for January 2016. The project team envisioned four 6-monthly phases over the project life focused on developing, pilotting, trialling and evaluating the planned learning and teaching resources.  The main activities can be summarised as:

  1. Developing the learning and teaching resources

    • The AEB 4D learning environment
    • Scenarios and learning activities
  2. Evaluating usability and impact

    • Pilot at UQ
    • Trials at all partner institutions
  3. Communicating results

    • Meetings and workshops
    • Website
    • Reports
    • Other dissemination opportunities

The project timeline is detailed in the table below..

Project scope and main reseach questionTeam meeting in July 2014Prioritising building components for walk-throughs and learning scenarios

Project timeline

Key Activities Due Status
Year 1 Tasks: 1/02/2014/- 31/01/2015    
Establish project March Complete
Consolidate Literature review May Complete
Establish website May Complete
Ethical clearance June Complete
Develop pilot 4D learning environment June Online July 2015
Develop scenarios (workshops) June Complete
Consolidate scenarios (learning activities and 4D walk-throughs July Complete
Draft curriculum (learning activity) outline June 2014 Complete
Team meetings (teleconference) monthly Complete
Team face-to-face 2 days in July Complete
Advisory group meeting April & November 2014 update 11/11/14
1st Progress report due 31/07/2014 Delivered
Test pilot 4D learning environment October 2014 Complete
Develop trial 4D learning environment January 2015 Complete
Consolidate trial learning activities January 2015 Complete
Maintain website February 2016 Complete
Scenario writing workshop December 2014 27/01/2015
Face to face team meeting January 2015 28/01/2015
Project progress evaluation January 2015 Complete
Year 1 interim report due 31/01/2015 Delivered
Year 2 tasks: 1/02/2015-31/01/2016    
Trial 4D environment and learning activities at all partner institutions re-planned: UniSA & UoN s1, 2015; UoN & UQ s2, 2015 Complete
Interview key professional informants March-July Complete
Evaluate trials July and Nov 2015 Complete
Advisory group meeting April 2015

update 31/08/2015

Face-to-face team meeting replanned to 13-14 July 2015 Complete
2nd Progress report due 31/07/2015 4/08/2015
Edit 4D learning environment October 2015 Complete Jan 2016
Advisory group meeting 26 November 2015 Complete
Collation and production of final resources December 2015 in progress
Evaluation report December 2015 Delivered
Face-to-face team meeting 14-15 December 2015 Complete
Final project report due 30/01/2016 Delivered 16/02/2016
Financial acquittal report due 30/03/2016