4D Construction Learning Environment

A New Approach to Learning for Construction related Disciplines

The Developing a 4-dimensional interdisciplinary learning environment for construction industry professionals project aims to provide a suite of interactive interdisciplinary (problem-based) learning activities for students in construction related professional disciplines. Students in these disciplines struggle to access live project sites to experience the practical and interdisciplinary complexities of building in person. The project addresses this issue using an authentic but virtual learning environment. The learning environment is a digital (virtual tour) application using 3-dimensional time-lapse (4D) digital images captured during the construction of the Advanced Engineering Building (AEB) at The University of Queensland.

The University of Queensland is partnered with the University of Newcastle and the University of South Australia in this two-year project ending in early 2016.

Project Outcomes

  • Link to 4D learning environment
    4D Learning Environment

    Direct access to the 4D learning environment is available via the link above. The development process is reported on the Outcomes page.

  • 4D Constructions Case Studies
    Case Studies

    Short reports on learning activity trials with the 4D learning environment, including student feedback and teaching staff reflection on usability and potential impact of the application.

  • 4D Construction Publications

    Access the reference list, which includes details of all papers presented at conferences during the course of the project.