4D Construction Learning Environment

A New Approach to Learning for Construction related Disciplines

Students in construction related professional disciplines struggle for opportunities to visit live project sites in order to experience the practical and interdisciplinary complexities of building in person.

An alternative, presented here, is online open access to an authentic but virtual (digital) learning environment, providing ‘virtual tours’ of construction sites over time. Each tour is assembled from 3-dimensional time-lapse (4D) images captured during the construction process. Construction documentation relevant to each building, such as plans, drawings, reports, site meeting minutes, are accessible from the individual tour applications as resources for learning and teaching activities

Links to 4D building tours currently online are provided below. Additional site tours are planned and links will be added as available. Other resources include Tutorials derived from the Advanced Engineering Building at The University of Queensland, a Production Guide to creating your own building tour and a link to the original development project (2014-2016) funded by the Office of Learning and Teaching (Australian Government). The latter not only documents the development of the 4D construction learning environment but provides a variety of other resources such as case studies (examples) of learning and teaching activities.

4D Learning Environment Building Site Tours

  • AEB at UQ
    Connect here to the Advanced Engineering Building at the University of Queensland
  • Townhouse at Kingston
    The Town House project at Kingston University London
  • Site Library
    All 4D sites available, in production and planned